MESKO S.A. and the Armament Agency signed a contract for the supply of medium caliber ammunition in calibers 23x152 mm and 30x173 mm to the Polish Armed Forces. The value of the contract, which will be implemented in the years 2024-2026, is almost PLN 100 million. The contract was concluded on September 7 this year during the 31st International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO held in Kielce. This is yet another order for this type of ammunition directed to MESKO by the Polish Army.


The 23x152 mm ammunition with the BZT armor-piercing incendiary tracer projectile is intended for firing from anti-aircraft guns of the ZU-23-2 and ZSU-23-4 families and their variants, as well as anti-aircraft guns of artillery and missile sets of the ZUR-23-2 and ZSU-23-4MP families (and their variants). The cartridges are destined to combat low-flying air targets such as planes and helicopters, as well as lightly armored ground and surface targets.


On the other hand 30x173 mm target practice rounds with tracer are intended for firing from ATK MK 44 Bushmaster II chain gun autocannon, which is the main armament of the ROSOMAK Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier. Rounds are designed for practice shooting at a distance of up to 3000 meters. They are in service in the Polish army since 2005.


- I am very happy with another order from the Ministry of National Defense to MESKO. Let me remind you that at the end of June, our Company signed a historic contract for the supply of small-caliber ammunition to the Polish Army, worth almost PLN one billion. The contracts confirm that the ammunition manufactured at MESKO meets all user requirements - said the President of MESKO S.A. Elżbieta Śreniawska.


During this year's International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO, MESKO also signed a contract for the supply of NSD-1 and NSD-2 probing cartridges and NSN night cartridges to the Polish Army. They are intended for anemometer rifles to determine meteorological conditions for ballistic calculations. The contract for their supplies will be implemented in 2024-2026.